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Customer Value

Connecting Customer Value with Strategic Vision

Talk dates:

20th Nov
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Customer centricity is about providing a value proposition which delivers a positive experience to build trust and loyalty. In most cases, that results in an increased profit and employee engagement. However, with evolving technologies, competitors and regulations, what once comprised a positive experience, can quickly become obsolete.

Furthermore, customer centricity doesn't only apply to clients, it applies to any recipient of the services delivered by a team (i.e. internal or external).

Defining customer value is complex as it changes over time and means different things to different stakeholders. Additionally, the more complex the organisational structure of an organisation, the more challenging it is to communicate and prioritise customer value.

This session applies an agile mind-set to these challenges and provides a streamlined solution by connecting customer value with strategic vision. Additionally, it presents an adaptation of the Strategy Canvas tool to facilitate holistic monitoring and tracking of continuous value delivery. This is specially useful to communicate progress on the delivery of non-financial value by breaking it down into minimum viable products that stack up to the strategic vision.

Learning Outcomes:
- Gain an understanding of the complexities of defining customer value
- Apply an agile mind-set to prioritise true customer value across the organisation
- Learn about a tool to monitor continuous value delivery whilst connecting it with the strategic vision

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