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Anne Currie

Author, Engineer, Startup Founder & Green Tech Community Leader

Talk Title

Climate change is an existential threat to tech CEOs. But not the way you think

Talk Abstract

Climate change is an existential threat to your business, but not the one you think. Adjusting to the energy transition is something we are all going to need to get our heads round and then act on. Now. It is partly buy and partly build. But which parts?


Anne Currie is a tech veteran of thirty years, working on everything from high performance C servers in the 90s through to international ecommerce lingerie in the noughties and then cutting edge operations in the 10's. She is currently part of the leadership team of the Green Software Foundation and the co-author of the new O'Reilly book "Building Green Software". She is also the author of the science fiction Panopticon Series and public cloud primer "The Cloud Native Attitude".

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3 Incredible tracks, 30+ Amazing speakers to help you


In-person & Online
Thurs 19th Oct 2023
The Oval, London.

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