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Anne Currie

Author, Engineer, Startup Founder & Green Tech Community Leader

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The Systems of 2030



The opening talk of this conference is on sustainability. Two years ago, it would have been seen as a purely political issue.


Why has the past 24 months changed everything? it's not because the tech industry has suddenly turned into a bunch of tree hugging do-gooders - we are as focused on our own risk and reward as we have ever been.


However, since 2020 the switch in behaviour of AWS, Azure, and Google with respect to climate change has been marked. Get onboard or get left behind.


Anne Currie has been in the tech industry for nearly 30 years as an engineer on high perf C servers and distsys in the 90's, through early ecommerce in the 20 hundreds, to operations in the 10's. Anne now writes and talks on green software. She is on the leadership team of the Green Software Foundation, resident tech ethicist at Container Solutions and delivered the first tech ethics course at the University of Hertfordshire. She is the author of the Panopticon speculative SF series.

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