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Benoit Petit

Founder, Hubblo

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Measuring the Impact Enterprises have on the Climate




Climate change is on going and we need drastic action to reduce our impact an lower its consequences.  All enterprises have to change significantly in order to achieve global carbon neutrality by 2050, which means limiting the damages to a state we could adapt to.

IT is no exception, as it represents bewteen 2.1 and 3.9% of the GreenHouse Gas emissions in 2020 and could get up to 6% or more by 2025. In order to meet the global carbon neutrality objectives, organisations need to lower their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.



Problem is, IT is an industry of intermediaries.

Responsabilities are widely shared accross the value chain. Without more transparency regarding the impacts of the different pieces of the puzzle, we won't be able to effectively reduce our carbon footprint.

Greenwashing and false commitments are becoming common place, as many market-based mechanisms hide the real impact of our actions.



So here we are. Tech companies, providers, suppliers, intermediate users need to understand the impact of their activities and enable their clients to do the same.



In this presentation we will look at some environmental impact assesment methodologies and tools available today.



What are the important elements not to forget while assessing the environmental impact of IT?

Why GHG emissions are not the only impact to watch and monitor ?


How to integrate live metrics in day-to-day operation tools to enable pro-active action and anticipation ?


We will cover those topics and hopefully draw a path that you could embrace so that your company could understand and reduce its technology impact.


Founder of We develop and integrate open-source software to help measuring and reducing environmental impacts of ICT services.

Benoit Petit
Mik Kersten
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