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Billie Thompson

Lead Consulting Engineer, Armakuni

Talk Title

The next level pipelines delivering Net Zero 


Net Zero is not a nice to have and the clock is ticking. As the global community looks to reorganise to tackle the most important and urgent issue humanity may ever face, it’s obvious that clean energy production is at the core of the solution. I have spent the last 18 months building elite teams with RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, implementing the next generation of pipelines delivering the next generation of energy supply.


Whilst this talk gives an interesting insight into how the digital revolution is enabling renewable energy, it also gives insight into the organising teams for fast flow, infrastructure, code, data, analytics and ML pipelines that connect, for example, the climatic analysis to the hardware harvesting energy in the North Sea to the IoT cloud platforms and the operational analysis tools ensure every last drop of energy is collected.


This is also a story with scalability at its heart and how every lesson the DevOps community has learned is going to be needed to meet the exponential growth the world needs to realise in our journey to sustainable, renewable energy.



Billie Thompson specialises in Cloud Native software development, DevOps and Day2Operations. With a background spanning multiple programming languages Billie is a true polyglot developer, comfortable architecting microservice applications, building and supporting infrastructure platforms and coaching teams to adopt new technologies and practices.  She’s worked with multiple existing codebases utilising DevOps to drive team transformation, setting up systems to allow teams to continue to experiment their way to success and create a sustainable culture of continuous learning.


A thought leader, she enjoys public speaking, having given multiple talks on Kubernetes and using API Contracts; and writing blogs, most recently on Value Stream Mapping and Pair Programming.

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