Chris Baynham-Hughes

Customer Innovation Advocate for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs 

Talk Title


WHO Built This: Building high performing distributed teams.



We tell the story of how Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and the WHO built a high performing, distributed team whilst creating a Learning Platform during the height of a pandemic. 


Originally planned to be in-person face-to-face, the pandemic forced a "Remote First" first approach, utilising Team APIs, visualisation of work, and other practices from the Open Practice Library. 


This is a story about how a culture of experimentation equipped the team to tackle any problem without a fear of failure.



Chris Baynham-Hughes is an Open Transformation Principal for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in EMEA. He is passionate about discovering and establishing better ways of working for teams, organisations and leaders. Chris maintains that the key to unlocking potential within these groups is first to ensure a shared purpose and vision within a hypothesis led culture, to nurture that within a psychologically safe environment and to use Open practices that address the challenges faced; in short, it’s culture first.


He has over 20 years in the game, working across all areas of IT from engineering to strategy and delivery of transformational change that sticks. Chris believes the next organisational paradigm is Open and, whilst there is place for both, places greater value on resilience and sustainability than operational efficiency.


He is a Husband, father of two boys and is often found running and swimming his way across mountain landscapes.

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