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Christian Metzner

Chief Information Officer, VWFS UK

Talk - Driving better outcomes from the passenger seat: why leadership and a collaborative culture is needed to succeed – a VWFS UK case study


In this session you will discover how a highly-regulated business, Volkswagen Financial Services UK (VWFS UK), is able to harness the opportunities offered by digitalisation that a globally-leading mobility company must have at its core.


In his presentation, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Christian Metzner shares his experience about being an 'Outcome-Driven' leader, and the challenges faced in transforming a large organisation to operate with the agility and speed of a new digital start-up.


Find out about practical examples he has implemented to drive cultural change and promote a customer-centric attitude within IT. He reveals his lessons learnt to date (both successes and failures) and how you can apply these to your own organisation whether large or small.


Christian Metzner started his career as a developer in Hanover, Germany. He joined Volkswagen Financial Services in 2005, and was fast-tracked for leadership after demonstrating real potential and measurable impact. A number of senior IT appointments followed, including Head of IT for Volkswagen Finance in China.


Christian took up his current role as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for VWFS UK in September 2018. The key priority for the IT department is to create a platform of stability and security which can drive the company into a new era, where new technology can be deployed rapidly using the latest agile methodologies.


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