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Philippe Ensarguet

Chief Technical Officer, Orange Business Services

Talk - The Orange Business Services Story


I will share the Orange Business Services story which started 10 years ago with our software journey. It will provide an opportunity to share the goals and expectations which have driven us as a company, how we have built our tooling practices step by step and how we managed the transformation for 2,000 developers.

I will talk about some specific inner-engineering we did with the DevOps Enterprise Selfcare Portal and the data-driven software cockpit. Finally, I will look at engineering and transformation lessons learnt and examine key takeaways.


Philippe Ensarguet is the Chief Technical Officer of Orange Applications for Business (OAB), the Orange Business Services strategic BU dedicated to software and system integration that delivers Digital, IoT, and Data.

Philippe is in charge of technology strategy and orientations (Cloud, Cloud Native, Software, DevOps, IA, Data), Build and Run production industrialization (tools, services, infrastructures and internal/partner clouds) and products (management, process and IT architecture).

He is also the head of the Partner Office, which manages relations with strategic partners and startups. With more than 20 years of experience, he has a privileged vision on developments, practices and tools, as well as on the transformations undertaken by our customers, partners and teams.

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