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Hear and Interact with Enterprise Agility Thought Leaders, Practitioners and Peers to help you thrive at a time when change is the only constant.

Nov 20 - Keynotes + JP Morgan + Deutsche Bank + VWFS UK



Six tracks broadcasted throughout the day to help think and act differently:
  • Leadership and Strategy​​

  • Customer Value

  • Culture

  • People

  • Ways of Working

  • DevOps

Why attend


For the last few months the Study of Enterprise Agility Conference (SEACON) team have been closely monitoring events relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.


As well as speaking with people from our community, we’ve been having numerous conversations with this year’s venue managers to see how we can put on an event which continues to lead the way in helping large scale enterprises learn , adapt and grow.


Rather than just trying to replicate an in-person conference experience on-line, within the restrictions and constraints of frequently changing rules and regulation, we decided several months ago that we would listen to our diverse community and design a service which embraces the so called “new normal” in a way that all the insights and learnings we provide can have a bigger impact to progressive organisations than ever before.


And with that, it is our pleasure to announce and invite you to participate in SEACON GLOBAL, the first global Enterprise Agility conference which places purpose, customer value and outcomes at the core of what we do.

Taking place on Thursday 12th November and Friday 20th November, we will be bringing global enterprises together alongside renowned thought leaders to take part in SEACON GLOBAL and share these organisations unique experiences in working towards realising their goals, vision and purpose.

Both conferences focus on 6 tracks:

  • Leadership and Strategy

  • Customer Value

  • People

  • Culture

  • Ways of Working

  • DevOps

Each track includes:

  • A keynote talk by industry thought leaders such as Simon Wardley, Mark Schwartz, Emily Webber, Anna Ubaniak, Dan Terhorst North, Mina Bostrom Nakicenovic, Patrick Debois and Jon Smart

  • Presentations from each of the enterprises who have kindly agreed to be in our focus group

All tracks are pre-recorded and will be replayed 4 times throughout a 24 hour period to appeal to a global community.

There's also plenty of opportunities to network with your peers, our amazing sponsor expo with plenty of give a ways as well as live content such as Meet the Speakers and Round Table sessions.

All for the price of just £25 + VAT per conference!



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Leadership and strategy


Simon Wardley,

Mina Bostrom Nakicenovic

Ultimately, leadership, and the strategies which are followed, involves curating the narrative enterprises follow to achieve their mission, vision, and purpose. This track encapsulates organisation design, evolution tactics, enterprise communication and psychological safety.


Discover current understanding of what good Strategy and Leadership looks like

Customer value


Mark Schwartz

Focussing on the customer experience and continual flow of value to all stakeholders.

Gain an understanding of the importance of customer-centricity and ways to achieve it



Jeff Gothelf

Organisations are nothing without the people who work for them and who they serve.


Hear what putting People First really means and the impact it can have on your business



Emily Webber

We will explore the power of community and how it can be used in the context of large scale global enterprises. Other topics could include a culture of continual improvement and how to become a learning organisation.

Learn how communities within an organisation bind the enterprise together and how to become a “learning organisation”

Ways of working


Jon Smart

Anna Urbaniak and Dan Terhorst-North 

Discover different approaches to delivering value and to facilitate swift adaptability

Gain awareness of several different models/frameworks such as BVSSH, The Flow Framework, SAFe.



Patrick Debois

Whilst all themes have an element of DevOps, this theme has more of a technical focus such as delivery automation, orchestration, cloud, observability and security.

Gain an understanding of what DevOps really means in an enterprise context.

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