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Jon Smart

Enterprise Agility Lead, Deloitte

Talk - What are you optimising for?

Today, what is your organisation optimised for? Is it optimised for deadlines determined at the time of knowing the least? Is it optimised for assuming the future is fixed and that change is knowable? Is it locally optimised for people grouped by job role? Is it optimised to withhold learning in order to be promoted and paid more? Is it optimised for distance from the customer? Is it optimised for employee engagement? Is it optimised for under-promising? Is it optimised to a one size fits all risk appetite of the lowest common denominator? Is it optimised to be better to say no and to follow the outdated policy rather than try something new which might have more control, sooner and add more value? Is it optimised for needing to run every decision up the chain of command? Is it optimised for late learning? Is it optimised to not act on others learning? Is it optimised for order givers and order takers? Is it optimised for not asking questions, for nor experimenting? Is it optimised for a person who OWNs the damn product? Is it optimised for Water-Agile-Fall? Is it optimised for Masters of framework who are responsible for “promoting and supporting the framework” over better end-to-end outcomes? Is it optimised for the Age of Oil and Mass Production in the 1900s or is it optimised for the Age of Digital today and for the next 50 years? Is it optimised for capital ‘A’ Agile in IT only or is it optimised for Better Value Sooner Safer Happier outcomes end to end? Is it optimised to compete with disruptors who are eating your lunch? Is it optimised to retain and attract people? Is it optimised for society and for the climate? Is it optimised for survival? Does it need to be? Is survival mandatory? Is it better that organisations reinvent themselves, re-training colleagues, to remain a going concern, rather than societal upheaval of collapses?


Is the talk going to be a never ending list of questions? You’ll have to come along to find out.


In this talk Jon is going to share lessons learnt and experiences on the pivot from project to product, from milestones to outcomes, from role tribes to value tribes, from learn slow to learn fast, from old ways of working to new ways of working across organisations, from survival anxiety to survive & thrive.


Jon assists organisations to deliver Better Value Sooner Safer Happier, leading on enterprise agility at Deloitte.


Prior to this, Jon was leading on better ways of working across Barclays, with 80,000 colleagues in 40 countries.


Jon has 25 years experience of taking and leading an agile approach to change, starting out as a developer on the trading floor in the early 90’s. He and his team is the winner in the category of ''Best Internal Agile Team'' and runner up for ''Most Valued Agile Professional (UK)'' at the Agile Awards 2016.

What are you optimising for?

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