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Daniel Susser

Senior Delivery Manager at Ministry of Justice UK

Talk Title

The Behavioural Neuroscience of Agile 


Agile working is about finding ways to work which help the humans in our teams be the most effective. The idea of being human centred features heavily in our work and we are constantly seeking ways to help the people in our teams thrive, in order to achieve organisational goals. The world of behavioural sciences is teeming with insight and actions about how to optimise for learning, social connections, motivation and general wellbeing, yet the world of Agility is absent some of these core ideas. This session will explore some basics of behavioural sciences which can help us optimise, prove or rethink our Agile practices.



Senior Delivery Manager at Ministry of Justice Digital (formerly Agile Delivery Lead giffgaff, Agile Coach Cancer Research UK). Started life as a scientist, wandered through roles in Innovation, using Lean Startup and Agile at Cancer Research UK, landed in the world of Agile Coaching in 2018. Interested in Behavioural Sciences and approaches that help us understand how systems work. 

Mik Kersten
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