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David Wascha

Advisor, Kindred Capital VC


Talk Title

Fighting Product Market Drift


Talk Abstract

Many companies believe that finding "product-market fit," is their primary goal. Once achieved, they often assume success will follow. However, product-market fit is merely the initial step. The real challenge lies in contending with the formidable and insidious force of product-market drift.

As companies succeed and grow, they become more complex, necessitating additional  resources and the implementation of control systems to manage and measure their expansion and achievements. Sadly, these systems often have unintended consequences - corporate inertia, risk aversion, and, most perilously, a detachment from customer understanding. Ultimately, these factors can unseat formerly successful businesses.

Today, the only path to remaining competitive is by establishing a culture that possesses a profound comprehension of customers and can rapidly adapt to their evolving needs. In this talk, Dave will explore the driving forces behind product-market drift and delve into the pragmatic realities of managing scaling businesses while maintaining an unwavering focus on the customer.



A veteran operator, Dave has worked for, advised and consulted with the world’s biggest (and smallest) brands including Microsoft, Marks and Spencer, TUI, MOO, Travelex, Photobox, Moonpig, Zoopla, Gaia, Lottie, and others. 

In 2023 Dave founded Elegant Rampage, a boutique advisory firm. Elegant Rampage specialises in two areas. Firstly, empowering early-stage businesses to establish a solid product-market fit and scale effectively. Secondly, helping established businesses drive transformation initiatives centred around platforms, products, and organisational culture.

David Wascha

In-person & Online
Thurs 19th Oct 2023
The Oval, London.

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