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Donal Spring

Principal Architect, Red Hat Innovation Labs

Talk Title


Insights from the field: Team Topologies



Have you read Team Topologies and thought; “Yes! This is what we need!” Only to reflect and think, “How do we get started?” Or “There is no way we’ll get to change the existing org structure”?  


We’ll be sharing our insights from working simultaneously to enable both platform and stream aligned teams and provide a proof point for team topologies adoption. We’ll look at how this can be catalysed without major investment, ‘Big Bang’ radical upheaval of the organisational structure and in a way that invites everybody to get onboard; creating an army of advocates for the change you need. 


Dònal Spring is a Principal Architect for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. He works in the delivery teams tackling anything that's needed - from coaching to coding and writing tests.


He is a thought leader in the software delivery space and a co-author of DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift.

Donal Spring
Mik Kersten
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