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Fliss Bennee

Deputy Director, Technology and Digital, Welsh Government

Talk Title

A Pandemic problem the size of Wales



The Welsh Government needed to rapidly develop a set of pandemic information capabilities in order to respond locally to a global crisis.


This session describes how the Covid dashboards informed public sector leaders and kept Wales safe. Benedict Dodd, co-founder of Armakuni, the partner chosen by the Welsh Government alongside Fliss Bennee (Welsh Gov), describe what they did, the outcomes and lessons learnt.


Fliss has been poking things with sticks in the Civil Service for more than 15 years. Before that she poked things in the financial sector.


She has worked for the Charity Commission, Home Office, Cabinet Office, DCMS and the Welsh Government…so far. Her work in third sector policy, portfolio management, frontline and backend IT, commercial controls, digital, data and technology strategy and implementation and, recently, in science advice is bound together by a single goal – to help make things better and fairer for people in the world.


In the last ten years this has led her to become an increasingly enthusiastic champion for open standards, open data and open source. Fliss is currently the Co-Chair of TAG, the Welsh Scientific and Technical Advisory group for COVID-19. She and her cat and family live in Wales, and she always has new book recommendations for her friends, whether they want them or not.

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