Gill Bennet

Portfolio & Transformation Manager, NewsUK

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NewsUK has undergone an agile transformation to improve the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of how the teams deliver and improve delivery predictability.


A massive cultural and mindset shift had to be addressed in how the organisation approached communication, collaboration, transparency, and planning. In a short space of time, performance improved by creating a shift in leadership understanding, support and active involvement, introducing quarterly planning and a disciplined portfolio management.


Kirsteen King and Gill Bennet from News UK and Vikram Jain from JCURV will share the journey they business went on in order to achieve results over a 12 month period, key learnings and insights.


With 10+ years of experience in Project Management, Change Management, and Portfolio transformation, Gill uses the tools in her agile toolkit and her out-of-the-box thinking to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Gill has managed teams across front-end, back-end, Components, apps development, cloud technologies, Experimentation, and Technical SEO. Building strong self-organising teams and managing key stakeholders along the way without jeopardising the final outcome.

She's a strong team leader across all her teams located across different countries, coaching people to grow and find their ‘inner leader’. She works closely with stakeholders across the business internally and with third-party companies to gain buy-in to new ways of working and streamlining processes.

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