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Week 4 - Delivery

Susan Scott

VP of Product Operations, Nets Group


Tuesday 27th July 12:30 BST

Agile First > SAFe Second – how this approach has driven success in implementing Lean Portfolio Management


Nets Merchant Services have been running agile at the team level for about 4 years with good success in building the thing right, but were we building the right thing?

In this session, Susan Scott will talk about how adoption of SAFe in our 4th year of agility enabled Nets to scale agile across the enterprise with Finance, Sales, and Customer Ops and fully pivot from projects to products.


Susan discovered Agile in 2007 after a career in project and programme management in the Telecoms sector, and once discovered never looked back. Instead she focused on understanding how the changes in engineering ways of working impacted the ways of working across the organisation. She experimented with new portfolio management and governance processes to make them lean and to support outcomes over outputs, and drove the pivot from projects to products and the changes that had on finance business processes. Susan worked with Legal, Compliance, Risk, Finance, Customer Operations, Marketing and Sales to understand their processes and ways of working and how to bring them closer to delivering outcomes collaboratively and proactively. Currently working in Copenhagen for Nets Group, Merchant Services, leading Product Operations which includes Agile & SAFe, Lean Portfolio Management, and Product Insights, she says she has her dream job of bringing business agility to life. Previously to Nets Group, Susan was at Barclays Bank, PayPal, Betfair and Vodafone Group.

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