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Week 4 - Delivery

Abid Quereshi

Software developer and Enterprise Coach


Wed 28th July 12.30 BST

Agility Despite Scale with Organigram Adaptif


The word “anarchy” usually carries negative connotations. However, it is remains a widely practiced form of governance, and in many cases a vital approach to tackling some of our most complex business problems.
This is a back to basics talk. We will look at what makes an “enterprise” different from other organisations, where agility comes from, and as enterprises grow, what will help them to preserve their agility - despite their size.
We will present a case study of an organisation of considerable size and monopoly – a company of whose products we all use – and look at how we took an off-the shelf “agile scaling” solution and reduced it to the essence of agility which we called “Organigram Adaptif” or “The Adaptive Org Chart”


Abid is software developer living in London. For 25 years he has helped over 50 organisations in 15 countries with agile software development. His experience includes leading organisaional change, coding, testing, specifying, supporting, tracking, training, coaching and consulting. He is recognised by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

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