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Week 4 - Delivery

Amanda Colpoys

Lean Enterprise Coach & Consultant


Wed 28th July 12.30 BST

Being agile without Agile Coaches at OVO Energy


How do you scale agile working without becoming dependent on an army of agile coaches or scrum masters? OVO Energy has over 50 product engineering teams - and it’s growing fast. In this case study, Amanda will describe how she worked with OVO to develop a strategy that embedded agile working within their culture, allowing them to maintain just a small agile function as they scaled.


Amanda is a freelance lean enterprise coach, supporting organisations to be better, faster and happier.
She began her career in the media, spending 9 years at the BBC before moving into technology. She joined Moonpig in 2014 working initially to introduce agile and lean practices within product and engineering, before transforming the wider organisation through integrating technology and business functions into teams aligned around value streams.
Since moving to freelance consultancy, she has worked with a variety of organisations including recipe box company Gousto, OVO Energy and fintech startup Flagstone.
Amanda is passionate about building autonomous, self-organising teams aligned around missions. She applies a lean approach to all value streams, creating systems of work that are optimised for delivering maximum value at a sustainable pace. She champions a culture of fast feedback and continuous improvement which puts customers and employees at the heart of the business.

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