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Week 4 - Delivery

Marcus Dimbleby

Vice President & Partner, Red Team Thinking


Wed 28th July 12.30 BST

Dare to Challenge, Dare to Think Differently.


In the complex world we all now operate, the promise of Agile and the myriad of new ways of working aren’t working…there also needs to be a new way of thinking. Learn how to make better decisions faster using the complementary battle-tested and business-proven tools and techniques of Red Team Thinking.


As an agilist and former Head of Agile at Lloyds bank, senior military officer and natural-born contrarian I've always found that there's something missing in most organisations - the ability to challenge without fear of reprisal. That's why I am passionate about the capabilities of centuries-old red teaming and how it enables people to challenge effectively and make better decisions faster.

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