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Week 1 - Leadership & Strategy

Simone Steel

Chief Data Officer, Nationwide Building Society


Wednesday 7th July 12:30-14:00pm BST

Data is the 'Weakest Link'


At previous Study of Enterprise Agility events we’ve learned how enterprise agility powered by software products can deliver more value faster and safer to users and customers. But large organisations still struggle to go beyond local optimisation in functions and departments, each with its own IT challenges and transformation plans.

In this talk by Nationwide Building Society's Chief Data Officer, Simone Steel, will explore how data connects those business and technology silos and how surfacing the data flows can help organisations move from local to system optimisation.


Simone Steel is the Chief Data Officer for Nationwide Building Society and the leader of their Data & Analytics community. Before joining Nationwide in April this year, she held leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, Refinitiv (spin off of Thomson Reuters) and RBS within their Risk and Finance functions.

Her experience in Data and Information Technology extends over 30 years, developed through software engineering, data architecture and the transformation of complex systems. In the last 10 years she has focused on Data and Technology strategy definition and execution, including the implementation of modern ways of working for data-driven and digital businesses.
Simone has worked in locations across Europe, Asia and the Americas, in a variety of industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods and Technology and Data Services.

Simone is an active ambassador for women and BAME professionals in Technology and Finance. Her academic background includes Computing, Economics and Data Science.

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