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Week 2 - Teams

Heidi Helfand

Author of Dynamic Reteaming,
VP of Engineering Growth at Kin Insurance


Wednesday 14th July 17:30-19:00 BST

Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams


Whether you like it or not, teams come and go in the workplace or are subject to change in someway. This maybe under your control, it may not.

In this session,we will be joined by author of Dynamic Reteaming, Heidi Helfand, to discuss the various ways reteaming happens and if managed correctly, how it can improve an enterprises ability to adapt and help people enjoy what they do.


Heidi Helfand is a software engineering leader who helps fast-growing companies double and triple in size. She is author of the O’Reilly book, Dynamic Reteaming, The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams. Heidi is currently VP of Engineering Growth at Kin Insurance, which offers affordable coverage to homeowners in catastrophe-prone regions. Her 20+ year career in SAAS launched Procore Technologies and AppFolio to IPO and Expertcity to acquisition by CitrixOnline. She was on the original development team that built GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. Heidi is based in Southern California.

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