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Week 1 - Leadership & Strategy

Adrian Jones

VP, EMEA, Tasktop


Tuesday 6th July 12:30-14:00pm BST

Flow Metrics: Completing the Picture for Enterprise Agility


Still struggling to accelerate time to market despite significant investment? Tired of proxy metrics not producing tangible business value? In this session, Tasktop VP, EMEA, Adrian Jones, will cover how Flow Metrics—from Dr. Mik Kersten's Flow Framework®—can provide actionable visibility into your transformation at all levels of the organization by measuring the flow of each product value stream and tying it to key business results.


Adrian is the Tasktop Vice President of EMEA leading the team in EMEA. Although he doesn’t feel as though the term “industry veteran” should apply to him yet, his business record would indicate otherwise. With extensive experience gained over 25 years in technology companies from large multinationals (IBM, Oracle) to startups (Sleepycat Europe) and covering software (Versant), SaaS (Rally Software) and services (ThoughtWorks), Adrian brings to Tasktop expertise in many business areas: Enterprise IT delivery, Agile and Lean thinking, strategy, sales and a passion for helping EMEA enterprises successfully adopt and exploit change. Married with two children, Adrian enjoys tennis and other sports, wine (purely at an intellectual level) and music, having played the drums for 40 years.

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