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Week 4 - Delivery

Luma Zitani

Senior Manager, Accenture


Tuesday 27th July 12:30 BST

Governance at Times of Disruption


For most organisations, having an established governance structure is a regulatory requirement.

Depending on the sector, this governance structure is underpinned by prescribed roles and assigned responsibilities held by named executives within the firm.

However, during times of disruption this structure is often challenged and, in some cases, would collapse under extreme conditions which impacts the firm’s resilience and ability to operate inline with its recovery plan.

The pandemic in 2020 is a clear example that highlighted the importance of having a dynamic governance structure that is robust to withstand the extre disruption seen while being flexible enough to accommodate the unique situation that this event presented.

In this session, Luma Zitani (Senior Manager, Accenture) explains how to create a dynamic governance structure that is robust to with stand extreme disruption.


Luma is an economist and banking specialist experienced in Financial Crime policy setting and control implementation.

She designed and implemented compliance controls at strategic and operational levels working closely with business divisions, industry bodies and regulators to develop shared frameworks and an agreed approach on matters such as de-risking, facilitation of international transactions relating to humanitarian work and sectoral sanctions.

She is particularly experienced in working across functions and boundaries to translate global policies into operational practices supported by appropriate technology. She is active within the RegTech space, mainly focused on new tools to combat Money Laundering.

Luma is a Chevening Scholar and a Fellow at the International Compliance Association. She has a Bachelor in Economics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Fiscal and Monetary Economy and Master’s degree in Banking and International Finance.

She has a keen interest in technology and current affairs and their economic, social and political impact.

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