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Week 3 - People

Bruce Lawson

Web consultant


Wednesday 21st July 12:30 -13:45 BST

How To Make Loveliness


You’re a PHP ninja. You’re a React god. You’re a magician with Sketch. But if your code is assembling HTML to get delivered to a user’s browser, how much do you know about HTML’s semantics? Choosing the correct HTML elements rather than vomiting a "div" or belching out a "span" can greatly enhance the end user’s experience, with no fragile extra code to write and maintain.

Bruce Lawson, one of the co-editors of the HTML5.3 spec will take you on a magical treasure hunt around HTML, showing you marvellous gifts and hidden wonders that will also help future-proof your code and turn you into a time-travelling front-end superhero, adored by millions*.

(* Actual number not guaranteed. But your users will be happy.)

Live Q&A to finish.


Bruce is a freelance consultant on accessibility and web standards. He was a co-editor of the W3C HTML5 specification, part of the team that drafted BS8878 (the British Standards for commissioning accessible web sites), Previously he's been Deputy CTO at Opera Software, a tarot card reader in Istanbul, a volunteer pharmacist in Calcutta, tutor to a Princess' daughter in Bangkok, a musician, and a computer programmer.

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