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Week 1 - Leadership & Strategy

Anna Luccock

Global Head of People Experience


Tuesday 6th July 12:30-14:00pm BST

HSBC: Delivering Value in Our New Way of Working ( Panelist 2 )


Many organisations are experiencing shifts in the way both clients and employees expect to work. This has been trending for some time, but has seen an acceleration over the last 18 months as responses to the global pandemic have started to normalise.

Through a panel discussion orchestrated by Chris Orson (Head of HSBC Ways of Working), HSBC Securities Services want to share how they are approaching this, looking at how new technology, organisational design and leadership culture are having an impact on how value is delivered to our clients.


Based in Scotland, Anna is the Global Head of People Experience for Securities Services and Markets & Securities Services Operations, a new role created by the organisation in January 2019 to lead people and culture change initiatives. Prior to this role, Anna served as a Portfolio Director within the Securities Services business change function managing a number of regulatory change projects across HSBC Securities Services having joined the bank in August 2011.

Anna has over 20 years financial services sector experience having joined HSBC from a London based Hedge Fund of Funds and having worked in a number of Investment Management firms following qualification as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte.
Anna has a BA from Sheffield University in Modern Languages where she studied French, Spanish and Russian. In her free time Anna can be found in the Scottish great outdoors with her family.

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