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Week 1 - Leadership & Strategy

Gabrielle Benefield



Wednesday 7th July 12:30-14:00pm BST

Innovation in the Wild


Gabrielle Benefield is the founder of Mobius (, an open innovation model and strategic design toolkit to solve wicked problems.

Gabrielle will introduce the innovation imperative; why innovation is a necessity, a look at the disruptors threatening the fundamental ways we do business, and how to create a sustainable innovation strategy. Joining her are two provocateurs to share their stories of pragmatic innovation applied to the finance industry and disrupting a traditional restaurant model.
The first stop on the tour is with Tao Baker, the head of innovation at an Irish challenger bank. Her bank is super traditional and she wanted to bring innovation into the culture. Her story goes through her journey and how she gets people to innovate, and does it in a charming slightly wicked way.
We then go to the mean streets of Chelsea, London and meet Riccardo Mariti of Riccardo's restaurant. Riccardo will not only show how he pivoted his business in the pandemic but take us on a live tour so we can see how you build innovation into everything from onboarding new hires to radically repurposing his restaurant into a deli supermarket - in 5 hours.


Gabrielle Benefield is an author, speaker and advisor specialising in Agile and Lean product strategy and innovation. She is the founder of Evolve Beyond, a global consultancy headquartered in London working with diverse industries including finance, telecommunications, energy and gaming.

Gabrielle is the founder of Mobius Outcome Delivery (, a navigator to align strategy to delivery using measurable outcomes, and, a Lean Agile contract model. ​

Previous to Evolve Beyond, Gabrielle was a successful executive in Silicon Valley, leading major Product, design, and technology divisions. She used Agile and Lean methods to take a startup to successful Initial Public Offering, then led one of the largest Agile enterprise transformations at Yahoo! scaling up to 250+ teams in the US, India, Europe, and Asia.

Gabrielle founded the Scrum Foundation in 2009 with Jeff Sutherland (the inventor of Scrum) and other leading Agile thought leaders, to promote enterprise Agile practices within enterprise. 

Gabrielle is an author of the Scrum Primer, one of the most downloaded guides to Scrum, and is currently authoring a book on Agile and lean product strategy, one on flexible contracts, and a graphic novel about risk and value. 

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