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Week 1 - Leadership & Strategy

Tao Baker

Head of Digital Innovation & Fintech at Permanent TSB


Wednesday 7th July 12:30-14:00pm BST

Innovation in the Wild Part 2


Tao is presenting an Experience Report relating to using the Mobious Loop delivery model.


With more than 20 years of International Banking and Consulting experience, Tao Baker brings a wealth of Innovation, Digital and Transformational experience to Permanent TSB. Having worked with leading Brands in Africa, Europe and Asia, she is driving the Innovation Agenda at Permanent TSB with energy, fun and a mindset shift.
She has had a busy 18 months at the Bank juggling work, family life and her passion for horse riding. That has not stopped her delivering on some key Innovation led initiatives. Tao has delivered the Banks first digital wide Innovation Competition which saw 740 employees register, 65 ideas published across 4 key challenges and over 15.5 million of IdeoKoins invested over a 3 month period. She is now supporting the 8 finalists deliver their ideas to a group of Dragons encouraging prototypes, design thinking and fintech partnerships.
Whilst driving the Innovation Competition, Tao was also involved in launching the Business Banks first digital loan in under 16 weeks. She spearheaded the Bank into using a Cloud based solution working with teams across Ireland, the UK, Sweden and India. This was a massively successful project demonstrating the best of Innovation and agile delivery.
Tao continues to make a massive impact to Permanent TSB by introducing an Innovation Culture to the Bank. She thrives on challenge, tight deadlines and continuous iteration of ideas to make a difference. She is customer and employee focussed aiming to bring everyone on a digital innovation journey. Learning and development is also key for this ambitious leader.
Tao is refining her model for a Digital Talent Incubator to nurture talent and drive high performance across the Bank. She has introduced the Mobiusloop which is an outcome based navigator to drive culture, deliver agile projects and shift mindsets. She has successfully led an Inspiration Week for all employees and even launched an internal newsletter around Innovation with a Zen corner focussed on employee wellness.
Tao continues to lead the Banks Innovation culture by bravely stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing new technologies, partnerships and improving our communities. With her great vision, leadership style, passion and energy, we look forward to another year of disruptive thinking.

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