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Week 2 - Teams

Paul Ingles



Tuesday 13th July 12:30 - 14:00 BST

Team Topologies in Action


In 2019, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais published their book Team Topologies which has since gone to to receive much critical acclaim. The book covers practises, patterns and anti-patterns which help enterprises organise business and technology teams for fast flow.

In this session, Matthew will talk about the principles behind Team Topologies before Paul Ingles (CTO,, John Kilmister (Software Architect, PureGym), Richard Allen (Team Topologies Advocate) and Ivan Krnic (Directior of Engineering, CROZ) will describe how they applied insights from the book to help them achieve their goals.


Paul is an experienced technical leader and is currently the CTO of RVU in London that owns and operates some of the UK’s leading consumer comparison sites:, and

He’s worked in technology leadership roles for 15 years and is privileged to have worked and learned at some pioneering technology organisations: ThoughtWorks, Forward Internet Group, Uswitch and now RVU. For the last 10 years Paul has helped the organisation and technology continue to scale: focusing on smaller, faster releases and strong product (rather than project) oriented teams to achieve better business outcomes.

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