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I Didn't Know There Was All of This People Stuff


More than twenty years after the Agile Manifesto, it seems like it is harder than ever for some organizations to break away from process and tools and focus on people and interactions. Join me on the journey of what led to my surprise when the Engagement Manager for a large consultancy leading a transformation said to me "I didn't know there was all of this people stuff that we had to do" and how we unpacked that statement and changed how the leadership team looked at transformation and what results it yielded.


With over 25 years of coaching and leadership experience, Indra has a passion for bringing about meaningful, goal-oriented transformation which is firmly grounded in the principles of agility. She currently runs Agility for All from Spain working with companies around the world to achieve sustainable growth based on true agility; helping them make value-based changes and see results with high-performing teams that avoid delays, decrease risk, and deliver value.

Mik Kersten
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