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Jane Austin

Head of Design, Babylon Health

Talk - Product Design and Agility

When building software products, design is the vital ingredient, but is also often overlooked.

Design is vital because we are building software for people, and the best route to a successful product is understanding your customers and their needs, and ensuring they have a fantastic experience. Growth isn’t only driven by how much money you spend on marketing and advertising, but mainly by having a product that solves a real problem for your customers, and solves it so well that your customers recommend you. However, much of the literature about Agile software development focuses on the the role of engineering or product management.  In order to create successful products, design must work in a close partnership with these two disciplines.


In this talk, Jane shows how to set a design and research team up for success in an Agile environment and describes tools, techniques and ways of working that support design, technology and product working together to create great products. 



Jane is an award-winning designer and has spoken and given keynotes at conferences all over the world.


She currently works as Director of Product Design at Babylon Health.


She was previously Director of Design and UX at MOO, the online print business that is passionate about great design and the difference it can make to its customers and the world.

Jane loves building high performing design teams and leading digital transformations.


Prior to MOO she grew the team at The Telegraph from one to twenty, and led the redesign of the website and several apps, worked at the Government Digital Service (home of GOV.UK), in an online trading firm, in startups and in agencies.


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