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Jeev Chugh

Business Agility Lead, UST

Talk Title

The Agility chasm: Is strategic misalignment silently eroding your company’s success?




Today’s rapidly changing digital landscape demand organizations execute their strategy with unprecedented speed and agility. Enterprises are fighting for that competitive edge. The promise of a methodology that can swiftly respond to unpredictability has sent interest soaring in Agile adoption, and yet, business agility has remained elusive.


In all my recent business agility engagements, I see that strategic misalignment in these organizations is often a key root cause for being stuck in the chasm.


Strategy is more likely to be achieved if it is not treated as an annual plan but as a hypothesis that is continuously tested and validated. The very reason why most organizations fail to execute on their strategy is often not because of a weakness in the strategy itself, but because they are unable to continuously align strategy with execution.


In this presentation we explore:

  • What is strategic agility and alignment and why it matters?

  • What are the key causes, symptoms and dangers of strategic misalignment?

  • How to close the dangerous strategic alignment gap and transform our strategy into action?

  • The benefit of our (A)PMOs evolving from being “Auditors” to “Orchestrators” - focusing their attention to validate and maintain continuous strategic alignment.



Jeev heads UST’s Business Agility practice in UK and is  responsible for developing and executing client partner’s Digital and Agile strategy.


He has extensive experience in leading agile and digital transformation initiatives and is passionate about creating synergies to unlock new opportunities, building high quality teams & partner ecosystems and disrupting how people & organizations connect through technology & innovation.


His experience has been gained across a diverse range of Fortune 500 organizations in  Financial Services, Retail and Telecoms sector.

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