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Full stack Developers with DevOps experience

#developer, #DevOps

Job Location

London and Working from home

United Kingdom

Salary range

Type of Job

Full Time




Published Date

18 Feb 2021

Application closes

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About us

At Devoteam, we deliver innovative technology consulting for business.

As a pure player for Digital Transformation of large organisations across EMEA, our 7,200+ professionals are dedicated to ensuring our clients win their digital battles. With a unique transformation DNA, we connect business and technology.

Present in 18 countries in Europe and the Middle East, and drawing on more than 20 years of experience, we shape Technology for People, so it creates value for our clients, for our partners and for our employees.

Devoteam achieved yearly revenues of €800 million in 2020 (e).

About the job


London and home working

Overview of the role

We are currently looking for multiple Full stack Developers who have moved into the cloud and DevOps sector. The Engineer would need to have a strong background in Java or Python scripting along with knowledge DevOps tooling, cloud technologies and Agile ways of working. Cultural change, modern Automation technologies, lean ways of working, best use and Measurement of data and best information Sharing technologies (CALMS).

Client satisfaction/ Client delivery will be a priority for the role. It will also involve a wide variety of other activities to support the on-going growth of our business going forward. Business development activities, evangelising DevOps operations, development and working with our near-shore partners.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

● Creating and managing the roadmap and implementation of DevOps within our clients organisations;

● Advising clients on appropriate DevOps strategies specific to their unique business needs;

● Propose DevOps technology solutions and take the lead in implementing and evaluating those solutions;

● Supervise and deliver architecture design, infrastructure design, build and deployment activities;

● Delivering high level designs using industry standard methodologies (UML process flow/sequence diagrams etc) to articulate complex tasks to business and technical teams;

● Working effectively with 3rd party and offshore development teams;

● Supporting the ongoing growth of our organisation as required.

Key Soft Skills required, include but not limited to

● Naturally resilient, tenacious and results driven with excellent communication and influencing skills;

● Self-starter and highly motivated towards success;

● Team Player

We're looking for

Experience in the following:

● Strong experience with either Java or Python scripting is a must

● Software Delivery Lifecycle Process optimization and Business Process Modelling

● Source code systems and branching strategies

● Containerisation technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, GKE, AKS, OpenShift, etc.)

● Collaboration, Issue tracking and wiki documentation (JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Teams)

● Test automation and Service Virtualization

● Experience with cloud providers and their services (at least one of AWS, GCP, Azure);

● Some exposure in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment techniques, approaches and tools, including experience with some of the following tools: GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, Concourse CI, Jenkins X, TeamCity, Artifactory, etc;

● Infrastructure provisioning (at least one of Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation)

● Observability and Application monitoring (ELK stack, TICK stack, Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic, Datadog, etc.)

● Networking concepts - Bastion hosts, Reverse Proxies, Load Balancing, TLS, etc.



United Kingdom

To apply send your cover letter, CV and job reference over to

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