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Jon Smart

Author of Better, Value, Safer, Sooner, Happier

Talk Title

Organising for Outcomes


Organisational (re)design with a heavy emphasis on culture outlasting structure and reverse Conway’s law from big balls of mud breaking ostensible attempts to outrun it.


Every organisation is perfectly optimised to get the results it gets.


Is your organisation and are all of the people who devote their time, energy and investment in return for financial tokens and social bonds, happy with the results they get?


Yes? Then why are you at SEACON? 


No? Thought not. 


Change your org or change your org. 


In this talk, we will be taking a look at organising for outcomes across an organisation, not only in IT (those last four words being part of the problem). 


There is an emerging new normal across organisations. Whether Darwinian or by design. 


Jon assists organisations to deliver Better Value Sooner Safer Happier.


Prior to this, Jon was leading on better ways of working across Barclays, with 80,000 colleagues in 40 countries.


Jon has 25 years experience of taking and leading an agile approach to change, starting out as a developer on the trading floor in the early 90’s. He and his team is the winner in the category of ''Best Internal Agile Team'' and runner up for ''Most Valued Agile Professional (UK)'' at the Agile Awards 2016.

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Mik Kersten
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