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Kim Artherton - Chief People Officer, Ovo Energy

Ed Connolly - Chief Technology Officer, Ovo Energy

Ed Connolly
Kim Atherton

Talk - Scaling a Culture of Innovation at OVO Energy, a fast growth UK Unicorn company 


OVO Energy was founded in 2009 with a mission to power human progress through clean, affordable energy for everyone. The green tech company recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday in style; receiving investment in January confirming it’s UK Unicorn status and recently announcing the acquisition of the retail arm of SSE, making the company the second largest energy provider in the UK. In it’s 10 year history OVO has transformed from energy retailer to EnTech leader, specialising in cutting edge renewable technology. 


Much of OVO’s success has been due to its relentless focus on customer outcomes and willingness to empower teams to innovate rapidly. Ed Connolly as CTO and Kim Atherton as CHRO drove the culture change required to embed the principles and mindset of agile. To embed the changes, Kim built a software platform, Just3Things, now a separate business working with clients including Fidelity, Deloitte, Go Compare and the NHS. 


During their session, Ed and Kim will give a candid account of the challenges associated with rapidly scaling a business from 50-2000 employees whilst maintaining alignment to the strategic priorities and a culture of innovation. 


Bio - Kim Artherton


Kim Atherton joined OVO Energy in 2012 when the team were 50 strong. As CHRO she oversaw the rapid scaling to 2,000 employees and was responsible for organisational design, culture and employee engagement.


She built Just3Things to embed agile at scale; the tool made a huge difference, increasing transparency and innovation, and helping the organisation move from 52nd to 20th in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work. Kim is now CEO and Founder of Just3Things, working with a wide range of clients globally. Prior to OVO Kim was a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, consulting globally with organisations including HSBC, Virgin Atlantic and Novartis. 

Bio - Ed Conolly


Ed joined the OVO team in 2015 from Wonga where he had headed up the Engineering teams. As Group CTO, Ed has been instrumental in shaping and leading the culture and mindset change required to allow his teams to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems from real time billing to intelligent energy services. Ed is also the co-organiser of AngularConnect and co-founder of Angular London. He  has worked with event driven systems for nearly a decade now and remain fascinated by their impact on organisational formation and performance.

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