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Larry Lameu

Director, Technology Strategy & Transformation, Deloitte UK

Talk Title

Enabling Frogs to jump…


“Five frogs sat on a log. Four decided to jump off. How many are left?” 


The answer is five. Deciding to do something and actually doing it are two different things. This is what we see with regard to ‘Sustainable Decision Making’ and ‘ESG’. Many decisions that should have been made long ago, have not. With huge consequences for our planet and next generations of life on earth.


What makes ‘sustainable decision making’ hard?  Too much data and too little insight. This makes effective data-driven decisions challenging. With IT accounting for 2.5% of global emissions today and with this increasing by as much as 15% per year, how do we get to this Net-Zero target in 2030 that is always spoken about?

‘Decarbonising’ the IT estate is becoming more difficult. We know that with bringing decision making power ‘down’ to agile autonomous teams, many organizations have succeeded in shortening the time to effect change. However, the improvement of strategic decision-making capabilities at board level are rarely tackled with similar focus.


We explore that the improvement of the effectiveness of executive decision making can be a valuable accelerator on the path to net zero. We zoom in on the role of the CIO, as the CIO has lead on enterprise agility and now has the opportunity to use enterprise agility to tackle ESG factors.


Larry is an Enterprise technology transformation leader with experience on both the consulting and industry sides. His experience as a leader in both gives him the unique perspective of having defined strategy and led implementations in over 100 different organizations throughout his career, ranging from 4 employees to 400,000, in a host of different industries and geographies. He's also had the experience of being part of 3 mergers/acquisitions, adding further to my repertoire of skills.

An avid learner and proponent of job rotation, he started his career in IT support and infrastructure, eventually moving into process design and software development, along the way growing technology and leadership skills. He completed his MBA in 2014, rounding out his skillset with additional business knowledge and capabilities.

Larry believes strongly in sharing knowledge with colleagues and the greater IT community, frequently presenting internally and externally at events and conferences, sharing on social media, in blogs and podcasts. He's also a member of several industry and social media influencer networks. As a practitioner of servant leadership, he's won multiple awards for hiring and developing talented individuals.

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