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Mark Cheverton

CTO, Redgate

Talk - Can entrepreneurial innovation survive company growth?




As software companies grow beyond the start-up phase, it often becomes increasingly difficult to sustain organic innovation, with many companies shifting to a purely acquisitive model for innovation.


Using Redgate as a case study of just such a situation, Mark will relate the journey the company has been on over the last three years to transition out of a creatively and financially challenging period. Speaking from direct experience, he’ll highlight some of the successful strategies adopted and lessons learnt along the way.


The audience will leave with real-world examples of how an organisation can balance an internal entrepreneurial culture with a portfolio that spans the maturity lifecycle.



Mark has 20 years’ experience of founding successful businesses and mentoring fast-growth start-ups. As a result of these experiences, Mark is a passionate evangelist for Lean and Agile development practices.

For the last five years he’s been working across innovation, engineering, and product strategy within Redgate Software, an expanding mid-corporate and a leading provider of Database DevOps solutions.


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