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Marnie McCormack

Software Engineering Director, JP Morgan

Talk Title

Managing Complexity: Observing the Agile Enterprise 


Tesler’s Law tells us that we cannot remove complexity from our systems, rather we have to find solutions that allow us to observe manage distributed systems at scale using data, standards and tools to join the dots. 


As hybrid cloud platforms become the norm, understanding the landscape of your problems becomes a pressing yet abstract problem. Even the most automated solutions require human discipline in agile engineering teams, this talk will help you get started reducing complexity into manageable problems with observability thinking!


Marnie McCormack is a Managing Director in Global Technology Infrastructure at JPMorgan, leading delivery of software to a global audience of 40 thousand technologists firm-wide. Marnie has 20 years’ experience leading Software Development projects, working in a variety of technical roles and domains over that period. She started out developing student admissions applications for the University of Glasgow, moved on to Call Centre technology and Global Sales applications at British Telecom. She enjoyed a short and exhilarating stint at a data mining dotcom startup before joining JPMorgan in 2001.

At JPMorgan, Marnie joined as a developer in Equities, writing pricing applications for the trading floor before moving on to Equity Research distribution systems via Investment Bank Architecture before landing in Global Technology Infrastructure. Marnie has a passion for technology and growth, combining her inner nerd with a commitment to advance the technology landscape for JPMorgan’s clients internal and external. Marnie is a member of the Glasgow Technology Leadership team and active in a range of diversity programs across JPMorgan. Marnie has 2 children and is a keen runner, completing her first marathon in 2016 and returning to play masters hockey in 2019.

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