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Matthew Skelton

Co-Author of Team Topologies

Session Title

Remote Team Interactions with Team Topologies - an in-person simulation

Session Abstract

In the new remote-first and hybrid workplace, many organizations are struggling to catch up with new tooling and ways of working. Many are discovering for the first time that the physical office was covering up poorly defined teams and poorly defined areas of focus, threatening their digital transformation efforts and the overall health and success of their business.


In this special in-person interactive simulation, the coauthors of the highly acclaimed book Team Topologies illuminate some of the challenges with remote team interactions through role-play exercises and large-group activities. Come and experience first-hand and in person the value of clear team interaction modes and some pitfalls of remote working that can be avoided by clear patterns for interactions. 

The activities are based on their new book, Remote Team Interactions Workbook, published by IT Revolution (2022). The workbook provides proven patterns for a successful remote-first approach to teams. Using simple tools for dependency tracking and patterns from Team Topologies, such as the Team API, organizations will find that well-defined team interactions are key to effective IT delivery in the remote-first world.


Matthew Skelton is co-author of Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow. Recognised by TechBeacon in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as one of the top 100 people to follow in DevOps, Matthew curates the well-known DevOps team topologies patterns at

He is Head of Consulting at Conflux and specialises in Continuous Delivery, operability, and organisation dynamics for modern software systems.

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