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Mik Kersten

Founder of Tasktop and author of "Project to Product"

Talk - Project to Product: Catalyze Your Journey with the Flow Framework


Org charts and software architecture are the best representation of value creation we have. They are failing us, and we know it. Software investment and staffing decisions are made anecdotally, using static and stale slivers of data.

•    What if we could take an fMRI of the organization?
•    See the end-to-end flow of business value in real-time?
•    Instantly spot bottlenecks use them to prioritize IT investment?
•    Hypothesis test based on real-time data from every team?
•    Re-architect our software and org chart around maximizing flow?
•    And transition the organization from the cost cutting tyranny of project management to the profit and market impact of product-oriented value streams?

In this talk I will describe why this transition will determine which organizations thrive, and which decline. I’ll present the Flow Framework™ as a new approach for connecting software delivery to the business to drive innovation through all of your organization’s value streams.


Dr. Mik Kersten started his career as a Research Scientist at Xerox PARC where he created the first aspect-oriented development environment.


He then pioneered the integration of development tools with Agile and DevOps as part of his Computer Science PhD at the University of British Columbia. Founding Tasktop out of that research, Mik has written over one million lines of open-source code that is still in use today, and he has brought seven successful open-source and commercial products to market.

Mik’s experiences working with some of the largest digital transformations in the world has led him to identify the critical disconnect between business leaders and technologists. Since that time, Mik has been working on creating new tools and a new framework for connecting software value stream networks and enabling the shift from project to product.  

Mik lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada, and travels globally, sharing his vision for transforming how software is built.


Mik Kersten
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