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Morning Tracks  

Track 1 - The Future of Finance

In this session you will hear how one of UK's leading "challenger" banks is quite literally changing the face of banking. We'll also be taking a closer look at Open Banking and the opportunities and challenges that it has created (present and future). The session will conclude with a talk on the value of data.

11:00 - Megan Caywood - Banking as a Service: More than a platform

For a long time the banking industry has been guilty of not putting its customers first, but things have changed.  


Driven by advances in technology coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of innovation a number of new entrants are redefining the banking landscape, delivering services to consumers which demonstrate they know and understand their needs.

In this talk Megan will provide a first hand account on how they are doing this at Starling Bank, explaining how the platform they are building out is enabling them and their partners to provide services which offer true value.

11:30 - Christian Ball - The Reality of Open Banking

Christian will be sharing some of the main challenges and monetisation opportunities emerging on the back of Open Banking in UK.  He will discuss how culture and technology are fundamental to the monetisation of open banking and elaborate on how the challenges of open banking (customer awareness, consent and internal agility) can be overcome.   Christian will highlight emerging business models and how this is also driving ever greater adoption of ‘new technology’ such as cloud and AI/ML to underpin it.  

12:00 - Ruth Milligan - Data is the New Currency

Personal data is increasingly being recognised as the most valuable asset for companies operating in a digital world. But how can they make the most of these opportunities and what are the pitfalls to watch out for?

Ruth Milligan will examine how the ability to gather, analyse and manipulate personal data is changing the face of financial services. She will touch on the new technologies and the regulatory changes that are enabling this transformation and the barriers that still exist for companies gaining market entry. She will raise questions on the changing attitudes towards personal data and the implications for traditional, current and future business models.

Track 2 - Enterprise Transformation


In this 90 minute workshop,  Barry O'Reilly will discuss the key issues holding organisations back from unleashing innovation, and explain three areas to consider when aligning your organisational vision, strategy and product portfolio to achieve high performance at scale. The session will include a number of short exercises where you'll be able apply the understanding you have gained in context of your enterprise. 

Track 3 - The Enterprise Cloud

Millions of customers use AWS every month to develop, deploy and operate new applications, as well as to modernise and update their existing IT, to improve security, boost agility and minimise costs. It wasn’t always this way.


Join this 90 minute session with AWS Developer Evangelism Leader, Ian Massingham, and learn how AWS got started through experimentation with their first services back in 2006, how AWS has consistently accelerated their rate of innovation to the point where 1400 new services were launched during 2017. 


Ian will discuss innovation at AWS & Amazon, how AWS organises for rapid innovation on many fronts at scale, and some of the core tenets that AWS focused on in creating new products & services.


Ian will also explore what’s next in the cloud. How new architectural approaches such as Serverless applications are enabling accelerated innovation for customers, and how machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming an important focus.

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