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Onyi Anyado

Leadership Coach and Author

Talk - Leading with Distinction, Disrupting with Innovation

In his lighting talk, Onyi will share on the essence of cutting edge leadership and how to lead with your creative distinction in your chosen field. 



Onyi Anyado is a UK based global leadership speaker and workshop facilitator. From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi deliver talks and workshops around the world training and coaching leaders on how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction. 


Onyi covers topics such as cutting edge leadership, future of work and design thinking. From his talk, Onyi empowers, equips and educates his audience on how to lead with their distinction in their chosen field and in the global market which is now local.


Onyi's legacy is called From Detention to Distinction which he uses as a source of inspiration, direction and hope.


Mik Kersten
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