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Q & A with Onyi Anyado

In the build up to the Study of Enterprise Agility Conference (SEACON) in November, I caught up with Onyi Anyado, Founder Onyi Anyado Media House, and asked him a few questions.

At SEACON, Onyi will be delivering a lightning talk in the morning session.

Here's what he had to say...

How would you describe what you do?

I'm a UK based global leadership speaker and workshop facilitator which involves me delivering talks and workshops on corporate, educational and business platforms training and coaching my audience how to excel and lead with their distinction.

Without spoiling your talk at SEACON, what do you think people have to learn from your experiences and course correction?

Without giving too much away, my audience will learn how to live their legacy and leave, their legacy.

A lot of people in positions of influence think it is other people concern to transform. What would you say to them?

Unfortunately we live in an extremely selfish world and for me it's about being selfless with your baton of legacy rather than being selfish by passing the buck.

Apart from an Arsenal victory, what gives you satisfaction in the short and medium term?

Lol, Arsenal victory, what's that? On a serious note, my short and mid term satisfaction is seeing people birth their leadership distinction then intentionally move forward to bring change in their chosen field.

Finally, who are you most looking forward to seeing talk at SEACON this year?

I'm of course looking forward to speaking, but also listen and learn from other speakers and network too.

Find out more about SEACON by visiting

Buy tickets from Eventbrite with Onyi's £50 discount code by clicking on this link.

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