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Rob Vanstone Advocate & Account Director, Contino

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EarthOps - How Enterprise's can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, energy costs and become more agile.


This week, it is the 27th Conference of the Parties, a coming together of countries who signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which came into force in 1994.

In those 28 years, we have become aware that humans are the cause of climate change, it is accelerating and that countries around the world are not capable of saving our planet.

But Enterprises are.

Not only that, by focusing on using less energy, enterprises can also massively reduce their operational costs and increase their agility. 

In this talk, Rob will provide an overview of Our Tech Legacy, its mission and an introduction to the Green Energy Technical Transformation workshop.  This overview is no sermon, but will show how, despite how useless we may feel there’s definitely some practical approaches to using less energy.  We all deliver value to our customers using technology. With some thought and awareness Rob will discuss how we can align our optimised approaches with our sustainability and carbon emission ambitions and become leaner and more agile in the process.


Mik Kersten
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