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Sam Bunting

Global Head of Agile, PA Consulting

Talk Title

Making Organisational Agility a Reality




The case for organisational agility has been made. The top 10% of businesses by financial performance are 30% more likely to display five agile characteristics:

  • centre on their customers

  • speed up time to value

  • design for simplicity

  • build to evolve

  • liberate their people.


But achieving organisational agility is hard. It confront teams and leaders with totally new ways of working. For this reason, three in five organisations struggle to embed change at scale.


This presentation will show how to overcome the common barriers to success and achieve agility in practice. We will challenge the common misconceptions about agility, and reveal the surprising secrets to success. Covering examples from a large number of organisations, attendees will learn the necessities needed to make long-lasting organisational agility a reality.


Sam is one of the industry leaders in Organisational Agility, having led 100+ of the largest organisational transitions to Agile in the world. He leads the Global Agile Consulting business for PA, an innovation and transformation consultancy.

Sam and his team have developed PA’s transformation approach which has addressed Agile transformation challenges in the world’s largest organisations. Sam also led the development of PA’s ground breaking research report ‘The Evolution of the Agile Organisation’ which provides the link between PA’s 5 dimensions of agility and top tier financial performance.

Sam Bunting
Mik Kersten
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