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SEACON PART 2 - in-person and online - Monday 7th Nov 2022
Plexal (HereEast), Olympic Park, Stratford, London.



Keynotes from world renowned Enterprise Agility practitioners - Scroll down to see the speakers



In 2017, we created the first-ever enterprise agility related meetup (SEAm) and conference (SEAcon) because we wanted to support organisations desires to be driven by an authentic purpose. We seek to help them rapidly adapt to their stakeholders needs through sharing of knowledge, experiences of enterprise agility and new ways of working.

Over 5 years (and one global pandemic) later, we have over 2000 people in our community, have delivered 6 conferences and have hosted over 40 meetups, all of which have helped people and the organisations they work for achieve their goals. 

Take a look at the highlights from our last in-person event to get a feel for what you could be part of...

In 2022, we are back in-person and online to do more of the same, but in the context of challenges which have now taken centre stage. Themes will include Organising for success, Product thinking, Platforms, Ways of working and prioritising Sustainability.