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Simon Powers

Founder of Adventures with Agile

Talk - The AWA Enterprise Agility Workshop


Many of us are working in organisations who are wanting products and services that are better but delivered faster / cheaper. Often we find that we can do great things at the team level, but once the wider enterprise is considered, things start to stall.


If you are a change agent or leader you may have experienced getting so far with an "agile transformation" and things seemingly falling apart or people reverting to old patterns after a few months or even a year. If this sounds familiar, or you are struggling to know what changes to make or how to work with the right people in the right way to get changes to stick across the org level, then attend this 90 minute workshop. 


Together we will choose the topics and explore enterprise agility. 


Topics could include:


  • Organizational culture and structure 

  • How to engage leadership in a conversation about culture

  • Doing Agile to people in the name of improvement


Learning Outcomes:


  • Techniques you can use to engage with organizational change that creates lasting and sustainable impact

  • Coaching, communication and listening skills required to facilitate large groups of people.

  • How to approach leadership as equals

  • Deep and rich conversation and learning from the audience - surprise learning outcome!


Simon Powers is the founder of Adventures with Agile, the global community of practice for agile and organizational change.


Simon is a world class facilitator and trainer. Over the last decade Simon has worked in organizations moving towards agile ways of working, his approach has led him to create a series of ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching training courses, which have received high praise from both the communities in London and worldwide.

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