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Simon Wardley


Talk Title

X marks the spot

Talk Abstract

Maps have been used for centuries to help people navigate the world. But in today's business world, maps can be used for much more than just finding your way around. They can also be used to organise projects, to identify potential investment opportunities, to sense changing market trends, and make better strategic decisions.


In this talk, we'll explore the use of maps in business and how they can help you find where you need to focus.


Simon is a former CEO, former advisory board member of startups (all now acquired by US Giants), a fellow of Open Europe, inventor of Wardley Mapping, a regular conference speaker and a researcher for the Leading Edge Forum.

He uses mapping in his research for the LEF covering areas from Serverless to Nation State competition whilst also advising/teaching LEF clients on mapping, strategy, organisation and leadership.

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In-person & Online
Thurs 19th Oct 2023
The Oval, London.

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