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Simone Steel

Chief Data Officer for Nationwide Building Society

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Data-fueled agility


The statement “every business is a software business” is old news. It has taken 20 years for traditional businesses to understand they are software dependent: some have conquered it; some are still attempting to imitate it.


For some businesses, another 20 years to understand and adapt to the shift to a data-driven economy is not an option.

The presentation covers anti-patterns and helpful behaviours towards data management in organisations that are striving to become truly powered by data. From that perspective, it brings to the surface the broken links between functions in a complex organisation. It questions whether progress towards DevOps is encouraging teams to isolate themselves from this perennial issue: data loses or acquires new meaning in new contexts.



Simone Steel is the Chief Data Officer for Nationwide Building Society and the leader of their Data & Analytics community. Before joining Nationwide in April this year, she held leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, Refinitiv (spin off of Thomson Reuters) and RBS within their Risk and Finance functions.

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Mik Kersten
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