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David Leach

Enterprise Agile Coach, VWFS

Having spent 18 years in Digital teams working in most roles within the software development lifecycle, I am now enjoying coaching and training roles in Product Management and Digital Delivery. My objective is to help deliver products and services that are of value to customers, motivate our teams and improve the health and success of the business. Using Agile and Lean principles and techniques to drive down costs, increase team morale and bring a focus to customer value.

Helping turn the jargon and phrases into tangible goals and techniques.

I also previously managed coaching and delivery teams responsible for supporting the adoption of Scrum, Kanban and Agile/Lean principles.

Ensuring teams have the environment to be successful, having a clear purpose, autonomy and mastery over their product or service. Always with a focus on customer value, having clear goals, well defined steps towards the goal and looking to drive down costs through lean practices. Installing a spirit of Minimum Viable product and experimentation.

If we start with the customer and understanding the problems they are having then we can articulate an hypothesis on how we solve that problem.

All of this within a safe environment where teams and individuals can share failure as well as success, failure is how we learn and we are determined to be a learning organisation. Evidence based decision making.

How we have embraced the principles of agility: the intent of learning organisations and the power of communities

In this talk I will be exploring how we have embraced the principles of agility, the intent of learning organisations and the power of communities to embody our guiding principles. Shaping a more empowered, data driven and decisive culture alongside ever improving processes and with ever increasing delegated decision making.

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