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Ellie Taylor

Enablement Specialist, Nationwide

Ellie has been at Nationwide Building Society for eight years. She has held a number of different roles across the Society, including leading the Internal Audit Community to adopt and adapt new ways of working. She is now an Enablement Specialist with a focus on supporting the wider organisation to shift to new ways of working. Her current focus is to support the mobilisation of a new operating model that aims to improve flow by pivoting from projects and programmes to end-to-end product and Member Need alignment. Ellie is energised by enabling continuous improvement and building high performing teams that collaborate on the delivery of value. A qualified accountant, she spent 18 years as an external auditor and value for money specialist in the public sector.

Somewhere between concept and context, lies confusion

Somewhere between concept and context, lies confusion. We’ll be sharing our approach to evolving Ways of Working at Nationwide, how we’re demystifying business agility for teams and our key levers for success.

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