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Terrie Wilson

Enterprise Transformation Coach, JP Morgan

Terrie Wilson is currently an Enterprise Transformation Coach and Enterprise Workplace Products Strategic Business Services (SBS) Lead for Organizational Culture, Product Organization Operating Model, Stakeholder Engagement, Risk Management and Diversity and Inclusion Education co-lead. She also volunteers as the Global Catalyst Education and Training Lead, and as a Scrum Master Mentor.

Her career-long aspiration has been continuous partnership with people at all levels to make things better (Kaizen). This is motivated by a strong underlying belief in Servant-Leadership which aligns to her world view and desire for a more positive, productive and fair workplace. Her StandOut skills are Advisor and Teacher. She brings over 15 years of experience to JPMC as a certified agile transformation coach, senior scrum master, team Kanban practitioner, Safe-SA, PMP and systems analyst. Terrie has been fortunate to work with large and small teams in large organizations in multiple industries successfully leading bodies of work up 40 million in budget and 80 million in return on investment.

Discovering and Growing Culture

Organizational Culture can grow and change in positive ways starting by first understanding the current state, then taking proactive and engaging steps to intentionally evolve culture to fit the organization’s vision and belief structure.

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